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[movies]A Long, Sad Ocean - ryanne hodson
A Long, Sad Ocean
Keywords: a long sad ocean; video; vlog; videoblog
Downloads: 1,619
[movies]HawaiiThreads Picnic (Videoblogging Week 2006: Day Seven) - Ryan Kawailani Ozawa
Posted for Videoblogging Week 2006. I run a discussion forum dedicated to Hawaii called HawaiiThreads.com, where talkstory about anything and everything is always the special of the day. Today, the site celebrated its second birthday, and some of the regulars (and irregulars) gathered at Kakaako Waterfront Park for a picnic. Food, folks, and fun as they say. Music is "Waiting for Luck to Come" from Waiting For Luck to Come, courtesy Wilfred N and the Grown Men.
Keywords: hawaii; vlog; videoblog; vog; videopodcast; videobloggingweek2006; picnic; potluck; party; park; beach; ocean
Downloads: 2,019
[movies]AppAdvice EXTRA: Best Universal Audiobook Apps
AppAdvice EXTRA: Best Universal Audiobook Apps
Keywords: ocean house media; audible; audiobookshelf; audiobooks
Downloads: 1
[movies]CEOLIVE Investor Insight Series | Peter Dornau, CEO of Ocean Bio-Chem (OBCI)
In this CEOLIVE Investor Insight segment we interview Ocean Bio-Chem CEO, Peter Dornau and CFO, Jeff Barocas. OBCI is a leading manufacturer and distributor of maintenance and appearance products for the marine, automotive, recreational vehicle and home care markets throughout North America. The corporate headquarters is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida; the company's manufacturing and distribution facility is located in Montgomery, Alabama...
Keywords: searchonly; ocean bio-chem; obci; startron; starbrite
Downloads: 2
[movies]Beach Walk #518R - Local Magick
A great show for Aloha Friday! Underwater with the turtles at Kaimolino Point. Look for the three-legged turtle who is managing "just fine" as far as we can tell.Hawaiian Word: Luʻu: diving Honu: turtlePlease check out our Blogroll page with many more links.Add this to your Technorati Favorites Support us by buying your own copy of our Beach Walks Theme music.Tags: underwater, turtle, hawaii, stress, lexi, dogs, video, beachwalks, podcast, walk, roxannedarling, roxanne darling, kaimoku, travel
Keywords: food&leisure; underwater; diving; turtles; ocean; beachwalks
Downloads: 1
[movies]Beach Walk #556 - Golden Silence in Florida
Turns out I felt a little self-conscious on the crowded beach in Florida and with the sun in my eyes, could not see the little camera screen either, so this is a no-talkie episode. I was thinking about that saying, "Silence is golden" anyway, and will just keep it for another day. I recorded a voice over, but the energy just felt funky; I hope you enjoy the waves, a sight and sound that so far I have not tired of.Hawaiian Word: Hāmau: silencePlease join us over at The Reef.Add this to your Tech...
Keywords: food&leisure; florida; waves; ocean; beachwalks; birds
Downloads: 2
[movies]Beach Wak #506 - Wear only your soul
I wasn't in the mood to talk today, so I created a "Beach Walk Moment" instead. It is a type of meditation, and in today's episode, features a poem I wrote about 10 years ago. Think of the sea talking to you.Mahalo nui to these people whose artwork was included:Underwater life 2 by iMolloFalling Nudes by Paul Herman and www.paulherman.comUnderwater Swimmer by FlorenaHawaiian Word: Kai: seaPlease check out our Blogroll page with many more links.Tags: meditation, ocean, lexi, dogs, videoblog, beac...
Keywords: food&leisure; ocean; meditation; beachwalks; roxannedarling
Downloads: 25
[movies]Beach Walk #495 - Bottled Water Myths
You know how I love to use information to inform my behavior and beliefs. Well, I recently read an article in The Week exposing a lot of facts about the bottled water industry. Some I was aware of - like some bottled water is just tap water - not to be confused with true spring water from underground sources. But a lot of it I was not aware of - like 90% of the Eastern Garbage Patch# is plastic, largely plastic water bottles...
Keywords: food&leisure; water; garbage; ocean; beachwalks
Downloads: 5
[movies]Stack Jones: Different Shades Of Blue - Stack Jones
Dream On is on Stack Jones album: Mostly Odd Things He Does. To find out more about Stack Jones visit http://stackjones.com. All music Stack Jones. Stacked Deck Music. Copyright © 2010. All rights reserved.
Keywords: Stack Jones, alternative music, psychedelic music, acoustic music, ocean, ecology, wildlife, sea life, ocean preservation
Downloads: 426
[movies]Beach Walk 776 Meditation on Fetching
Starring Lexi Dogg, for you, from Maui.Distributed by OneLoad.com
Keywords: food&leisure; dog; toy; fetching; ocean; beach; waves; maui
[movies]Beach Walk #433 - Mechanics of Friendship

Keywords: food&leisure; friend; hawaii; beach; ocean; lanikai; dog; roxanne darling
[movies]Beach Walk 728 – Winter Lumiere
Lumiere is a film tradition involving a fixed camera, no editing whatsoever, and typically even no sound. I left the sound in though as I love hearing the waves. Scroll down to the bottom of any page to see a list of all the categories. I love this style especially at the beach - somehow the magic of a minute can capture the serenity, the solitude, the vastness of the ocean, the playfulness of children - all without any words or planning at all...
Keywords: food&leisure; beach; beachwalks; hawaii; lumiere; ocean; silver; walk; waves
Downloads: 3
[movies]Beach Walk #547 - Who are you
Knowing your likes and dislikes, your preferences, is one of the ingredients for being happy IMO. Today's show started with a thread on Twitter, where people were talking about people liking structure. True much of the time, but certainly not always! Thanks to Creative Sage who pointed that out. Even preferences for air temp vary - the tricky part is discovering one's own preferences as it is largely a trial and error exercise...
Keywords: food&leisure; preference; creativesage; twitter; beachwalks; hawaii; ocean; walk; roxannedarling
Downloads: 1
[movies]Beach Walk #548 - Exercise: More or Less Energy?
We took straight to the water because I am really in an exercise deficit these days. It has fallen off my calendar as I've been busier and busier this year. I've become really aware of how much it actually supports me. At the same time, I also realize that not everyone is like me. I am learning not to impose my preferences on others, thought I do drag Shane and Lexi along as much as possible.Hawaiian Word: Ikehu: energyPlease join us over at The Reef.Add this to your Technorati Favorites Support...
Keywords: food&leisure; exercise; swim; ocean; beachwalks; lexi; dog; hawaii; video
Downloads: 2
[movies]Mission 138 - Mermaids with Varla Ventura
In Mission 138 we take the Mother Ship under the sea to explore mermaids with author, Varla Ventura! For centuries seafarers have whispered, talked, and sang songs to the legend of the mermaid. A half fish, half woman, she appears not just in Disney films alongside singing crabs, but in the folklore of America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. These creatures show up again and again in popular culture and fiction, but also lately on video clips and in photographs...
Keywords: talk&interview; mermaids; varla ventura; legend; sea; ocean
Downloads: 9
[movies]Beach Walk #450 - Green Exercise
I learned of some recent research at the University of Essex in the UK mentioning that people who experience nature have reduced depression. The study compared people who have photos of nature, along with those who exercise in nature as compared to in strictly urban environments. I've invited Jen and Kent to keep this in mind for a future topic on their show.And I'd like to hear from you if you think your stress, depression, blood pressure, etc...
Keywords: food&leisure; exercise; eco; beachwalks; roxannedarling; green; hawaii; ocean
Downloads: 3
[movies]Beach Walk #579 - Diving Boobies
Heavy rains came in today so we are sharing some footage from this past Saturday. Every winter the boobies come to town and take up fishing at the south end of Lanikai Beach. I can sit and watch them for long periods of time; birds seem to hold an aspect of freedom that I find so appealing.Hawaiian Word: Manu: bird ʻā: BoobyJoin us at The Reef
Keywords: food&leisure; booby; fishing; winter; ocean; hawaii; lanikai; birds; beachwalks
Downloads: 37
[movies]Beach Walk #570 - One Kind Word
Winter hibernation today as Lexi is nursing a slightly over-used front left shoulder. Beautiful music by Liquid Mind.Liquid Mind "Teach Me to Whisper" (mp3) from "Relax: A Liquid Mind Experience" (REAL MUSIC) Buy at Amazon More On This AlbumHawaiian Word: Hoʻoilo: winterJoin us at The ReefAdd this to your Technorati Favorites Support us by buying your own copy of our Beach Walks Theme music. Please check out our Blogroll page with many more links to our friends' web sites.Email & Share This
Keywords: food&leisure; beachwalks; clouds; gray; hawaii; ocean; proverbs; winter
Downloads: 1
[movies]Beach Walk #550 - Drops Among Us
By popular request! More ocean footage, a few quiet minutes to start our weeks. This is from Sandy Beach. I found the ee cummings quote at Serenity Beach and you can read more about Kabir too.Hawaiian Word: Kulu wai: drop pf waterPlease join us over at The Reef.Add this to your Technorati Favorites Support us by buying your own copy of our Beach Walks Theme music. Please check out our Blogroll page with many more links.Email & Share This
Keywords: food&leisure; beach; ocean; waves; beachwalks; kabir; eecummings; hawaii; sandy
Downloads: 4
[movies]Beach Walk 728 - Winter Lumiere
Lumiere is a film tradition involving a fixed camera, no editing whatsoever, and typically even no sound. I left the sound in though as I love hearing the waves. Scroll down to the bottom of any page to see a list of all the categories. I love this style especially at the beach - somehow the magic of a minute can capture the serenity, the solitude, the vastness of the ocean, the playfulness of children - all without any words or planning at all.
Keywords: food&leisure; beach; beachwalks; hawaii; lumiere; ocean; silver; walk; waves
Downloads: 12
[movies]Beach Walk 650 - Co/In/Inter/Dependency
Earlier this week (Beach Walk 647) I was talking about balancing transparency and privacy. We tend to want it in differing amounts depending on the situation and whether we are giving or receiving. The episode stirred a lot of comments, so I thought I would carry on more as it relates to personal relationships. And invariably the topic of codependency comes up!Hawaiian word: Kūʻokoʻa: independent
Keywords: food&leisure; relationships; codependent; independent; interdependent; beach; kite-surfing; hawaii; walk; beachwalks. rox; ocean; roxannedarling
[movies]Beach Walk #552 - Bitterness or Bliss?
We've heard the saying, "Ignorance is Bliss." Does that make the corollary true, "Intelligence is Bitter?" I know that there have been a zillion moments in my life when I've struggled with the enormous amount of non-sense that passes for normal. My #2 finds it incredibly confusing, and that often leads to criticism, harsh judgment, and just plain bitterness when a situation occurs over and over again...
Keywords: food&leisure; intelligence; bitterness; business; relationships; hawaii; beach; ocean; beachwalks; roxanne darling
[movies]Beach Walk 613 - Edgy is the New Normal
My thoughts continued on from yesterday's episode, thinking about how this plain vs pretty applies to business. I find it curious that companies want to advertise on those mainstream TV reality shows but are reluctant to sponsor the admittedly slightly edgy yet creative and community-building independently-produced internet TV shows.Thanks to Keith Wolzinger, a pilot who also does the Klezmer Podcast for telling me about the airplane video...
Keywords: food&leisure; advertise; american airlines; beachwalks; business; edgy; hawaii; lexi; new media; ocean; roxannedarling; video; womma
Downloads: 2
[movies]Beach Walk 636 - Turn Off the Pressure
One of my Twitter friends, @Akelatal, pointed me to a funny video the musician John Mayer did - a parody of himself. That led me to discovering that John had planned a tour this summer, expecting to have a new album. Well, no new album, but he is "still doing the tour"http://www.johnmayer.com/blog (see May 4th video), and seeing the one door closed is going to explore what might be behind another one.He didn't freak out and succumb to the pressure to create for some arbitrary reason...
Keywords: food&leisure; beach; beachwalks; hawaii; john mayer; music; ocean; pressure; rox; roxannedarling; sunrise; video; walk
Downloads: 2
[movies]Beach Walk 597 - Pushing the Buttons
hane and I are going to the mainland and my loving sister Barbara has arrived to care for our darling Lexi. Both girls are happy about that and it would appear Barbara also bright some amazing weather with her - the scenery today is absolutely stunning! This morning we were talking about buttons - the kind that trigger confusion and reactions in each other. I may want the other person to stop pushing, but in reality, the button resides with me...
Keywords: food&leisure; aqua; barbara benton; beach; beachwalks; buttons; hawaii; ocean; psychology; roxanne darling; sister; sunshine
Downloads: 3
[movies]Beach Walk #517R - Going to Flat Island
There are not many chances to take a camera out on the water in the 6-person outrigger canoe - an icon of the water life in Hawaiʻi and the original mode of transportation. Today's episode takes you up close and personal. I hope you enjoy it!You can see Lexi got lucky too. Hawaiian Word: Waʻa: canoePlease check out our Blogroll page with many more links.Add this to your Technorati Favorites Support us by buying your own copy of our Beach Walks Theme music.Tags: outrigger, boating, hawaii, stre...
Keywords: food&leisure; outrigger; paddle; hawaii; canoe; ocean; island; beachwalks; beach; roxanne_darling
Downloads: 1
[movies]Beach Walk 616 - Be Here Now for Business
I find it just as easy and tempting to stay stuck in the past with business relationships as I do in personal ones. But I was feeling good about an email I wrote to a client this morning, and thought I would bring that even more into awareness, by talking about it here. On a side note, you can see from Shane's beautiful pan at the end - the silvery volcanic ash-vog to the south and the clear beauty towards the north...
Keywords: food&leisure; beach; beachwalks; business; communication; hawaii; lexi; ocean; ram dass; rox; roxannedarling; sunshine; video
Downloads: 2
[movies]Beach Walk #438 - Bad Day, Good Day
Bad days happen. Oh well.Will I ever Get to Samosa BlogBob Marley's Three Little BirdsJosh LeoHawaiian Word:He llĠʻino: bad dayTags: joshleo, eclecticjourneys, beach, hawaii, lanikai, beachwalks, podcast, walk, roxannedarling, roxanne darling, kaimoku, travel
Keywords: food&leisure; joshleo; eclecticjourneys; cry; bad+day; good+day; beach; ocean; hawaii; kailua; roxanne darling
[movies]Beach Walk 733 – Numbers Have Energy
Our car is 6.5 yrs old but has only 40,000 miles (eh - living on an island!) I have way more miles in my frequent flier accounts than the odometer of the Ford Escape. Statistics can prove anything. Old Thinking: That’s bad! New Thinking: Use math to my advantage, to help me feel better, so I become untethered to what is holding me back. Not to lie or manipulate per se, but to use .5 as half full, OR half empty...
Keywords: food&leisure; beach; beachwalks; dog; hawaii; math; numbers; ocean; rox; roxannedarling; statistics; video; walks
[movies]Beach Walk 741 – Silence is Divine
I went on a 5-day silent intensive with Lola Jones a few weeks ago. For me it was pure heaven. I have in the past done 24 hours of silence on my birthday, and loved the clarity I experienced. To be able to ignore all others and go within myself for listening, for sharing, for counsel, was very powerful. There is a lot of noise, especially in my work on the social web (twitter, etc) And much as I love it, I was yearning to talk to the divine, to God directly...
Keywords: food&leisure; beach; connection; counsel; divine; openings; energy; hawaii; lola; jones; ocean; relationships; retreat; silence; turquoise
Downloads: 2
[movies]Beach Walk 646 - Taming the To Do List
One of the things that stresses me out is all the tasks I collect - business, personal, household, long-range, short-range, recurring and not. Shane, aka Secret Cameraman, recently taught me a method, that so far, I am really liking. I am starting off simple - using a white board and some strategy. If I master this, I will move to the software version. It focuses on collecting everything, but then each day starting fresh with just the things "for today." It supports that "Be here now" philosophy...
Keywords: food&leisure; beach; beachwalks; hawaii; ocean; organize; rox; roxannedarling; sunshine; to do list; walk
Downloads: 5
[movies]Beach Walk #443 - Find New Media at Pixelodeon
Strangely enough, I was feeling a bit speechless today and by "coincidence" our battery died before I could finish up this episode! I suspect the dead battery was merely a reflection of my mental state. To put the final point on this, our extra hand-held Olympus underwater camera was also dead! That one I had just removed from the charger, so it appears it is ready for camera heaven. In any case, most days I love the disruption that is taking place in how we communicate and connect with each oth...
Keywords: food&leisure; pixelodeon; beach; american film institute; ami; hawaii; roxanne darling; ocean
Downloads: 3
[movies]Beach Walk 633 - Reception or Deflection
Monday seems like a good time to discuss one of the ways energy gets moved around between/among people, since Monday's tend to have a lot of "incomings" - messages, requests, complaints, etc. I use a little phrase (when I remember!), to slow things down and help me regain my footings. Please welcome and check out our show sponsor, Primo Water. Primo Water is a new, environmentally-friendly water bottled in a natural plastic made from plants, a renewable resource grown on American soil...
Keywords: food&leisure; beach; walk; hawaii; communication; monday; pressure; beachwalks; roxannedarling; ocean
Downloads: 1
[movies]Beach Walk #430 - Competition Revisited
It was the annual keiki outrigger canoe race at Kailua Beach Park. These kids take out the 40' long, 400+ pound canoes and race them, from 1/4 mile to four miles, with girls, boys, and mixed crews, starting "under 10" up to 18 years old.Clearly, competition is not for everyone, but I found these kids' perspectives really inspiring. It boils down to your preference and having an understanding of the rules of the game...
Keywords: food&leisure; race; canoe; keiki; children; competition; beach; ocean; family; hawaii
Downloads: 6
[movies]Beach Walk 622 - The Sweetness of Sleep
Sleep. It is like nectar to me these days. I watched an episode of Sixty Minutes explaining how interrupted or insufficient sleep can lead to premature aging. Many people have been making fun of the death by blogging article in the NY Times but the underlying story included people who feel the need to be up 24/7 (internet time) to stay at the top of their game.Hawaiian word: Hiamoe: sleep Hiamoe iki: napJoin us at The Reef
Keywords: food&leisure; aging; beach; beachwalks; blogging; hawaii; ocean; roxannedarling; sleep; stress; walk
Downloads: 1
[movies]Beach Walk #476 - Radical Acceptance
There are so many things are "known" or for which we have data, and yet, it is difficult to let them be real in our lives. We carry with us legacy beliefs, legacy feelings, and legacy behaviors, that can be very hard to update in real time! Hey, maybe just for today, we can let some of these things weight in and be real for us.The Greatest Story Ever Denied, with NASA scientistsHalcyon's HugNationBeach Walk #444 - Free Hugs!Beach Walks Nominated for Podcast Awards Lucky us - we have been nominat...
Keywords: food&leisure; acceptance; radical; beach; roxanne darling; halcyon; hugnation; hawaii; ocean
Downloads: 3
[movies]Beach Walk 629 - Structure or Flow?
Wow what an amazing day, and all because we could not get to the beach this morning! Continuous business interruptions, and it was nearly 2 pm before we could get out. On the way, I was realized how futile it has been to try to schedule a recurring time when we know we can slip away for an hour a day. I wish my life were more even and predictable aka structured many days. And then I became aware of my other attraction to being in the flow, letting life come to me as is...
Keywords: food&leisure; beach; beachwalks; dan brown; flow; hawaii; kailua; ocean; predictable; sunshine; roxanne darling; turquoise; walk
Downloads: 2
[movies]Beach Walk 643 - Tired Cranky, Rested Happy
Given that things are never black and white, I still like having little tricks that can help me 80-90% of the time. In today's case, it is remembering that one of the main causes of crankiness is just plain being tired. I find it so easy to get attached to the crankiness, thinking that some things are the problem, when I might just be due for a decent night's sleep! In fact, just by remembering that point all by itself, I can relax and not let the little things "get to me" regardless of my sleep...
Keywords: food&leisure; beach; beachwalks; cranky; hawaii; health; ocean; rested; rox; tired; video
Downloads: 4
[movies]Beach Walk 706 - New and Old
New and old are such loaded words - they can be used to manipulate our feelings if we are not paying attention. Like most things, I think it is case-specific. New is not always improved nor does the new necessarily invalidate the old. Distributed by Tubemogul.
Keywords: food&leisure; beach; beachwalk; feelings; hawaii; language; manipulation; marketing; new; ocean; old; rox; roxanne; darling; waves
Downloads: 1
[movies]Beach Walk 623 - Solving Problems Side by Side
If you watch this show regularly, you know that I like teasing apart the little nuances and discrepanices in how we use words, the language. It packs so much subtle energy, and that energy can actually interfere with the pursuit of happiness IMO. One example is the difference between compromise and negotiation. In compromise, it can feel like two people facing (off) against each other, with the problem in the middle...
Keywords: food&leisure; beachwalks; compromise; hawaii; kakaako; negotiation; ocean; relationships; roxannedarling; waves
Downloads: 1
[movies]Beach Walk 632 - Island Adventure
Beauty Alert!!! We had friends visiting and borrowed the Foti's canoe, the Waʻa Lele, and paddled out the Mokulua Islands. The sinshine and the water and the colors are just beautiful! Dan Brown brought his HERO camera rig for the canoe, Mindy Clark of outriggercanoe.blogspot.com steered us, and friends Jeff and Carlos (you met them in Episode 369 along with Stacey and Kaile, and I had a great trip...
Keywords: food&leisure; adventure; beachwalks; blue; boating; canoe; hawaii; islands; kaile; ocean; outrigger; paddle; roxannedarling; turquiose
Downloads: 3
[movies]Beach Walk 668 - Love Heals, Love Hurts
My niece Carlie broke up with her boyfriend recently. She has just graduated from college (with all kinds of honors) but unfortunately IQ does not protect you from a broken heart. Somewhere in the pain is a gift. And in the meantime, some pretty scenery to move our attention to something else.Hawaiian word: Lapaʻau: heal ʻEha: hurt Aloha: love
Keywords: food&leisure; love; breakup; hurt; heal; relationships; beach; walk; beachwalks; hawaii; rox; roxanne darling; ocean
Downloads: 6
[movies]Beach Walk 639R - Kailua Beach Clean-up
Every year the local shop, Kailua Sailboards and Kayaks, hosts a beach clean up. If you fill a bag with collected trash, they'll give you a coupon for two hours of free kayak rental. We did this episode originally in 2006, and I still really like it, despite the somewhat discouraging reason for being at the beach. OTOH, we have some great music from JRoQ, and I love Shane's editing too.Buy JRoQ's CD at Bare Feet ShopVisit JRoQ on MySpaceHawaiian word: ʻOpala: trashJoin us at The Reef and Listen...
Keywords: food&leisure; beach; beachwalks; cleanup; environment; hawaii; jroq; kailua; music video; ocean; rox; smoking; trash; video
Downloads: 3
[movies]Beach Walk 717 - Are You Responsible for Your Subconscious?
I did a show on the latent racist tendencies many of us have a few weeks ago, Beach Walk 707, talking about how deeply racism (and other "-isms") reside within our subconscious. Exploring a little further, if we resist the notion and feel guilty or go into denial, then it lingers. Maybe not feeling so burdened or responsible for things before our time can free us to notice when we are acting under the influence, and choose to act differently now...
Keywords: food&leisure; awareness; beach; beachwalks; change; denial; guil; hawaii; ocean; racism; rox; roxanne; darling; subconscious; unconscious
Downloads: 1
[movies]Beach Walk 694 - Diner’s Fish Report
Fish is a longtime staple in the diet here in Hawaii, and you've probably noticed people fishing in the background of many Beach Walks episodes. Yet at the same time fish populations are declining from othe large scale commercial operations, that seem to be impervious to the effects of their behavior. If you want to eat fish but don't know which ones are not threatened, you can now text "FISH" to 30644 right from your phone to find out...
Keywords: food&leisure; 30644; ; beach; beachwalks; blue-ocean; endangered; fish; hawaii; overfishing; rox; roxanne; darling; seafood; species
Downloads: 5
toygodd gets up close and 360 with these cool hunks of vinyl. Once you start a collection, you'll find it hard to stop.
Keywords: vinyl; toygodd; disney; store; toy; vinylmation; ocean creatures line; sea animals; mickey mouse
Downloads: 4
[movies]Sage Reviews: Star Ocean the Last Hope
If this is "The Last Hope" then we're screwed.
Keywords: video gaming; star ocean; last hope; rpg; jrpg; xbox 360; video games; reviews; sage
Downloads: 4
[movies]Beach Walk #439 - Take a Blogger to Work
I had a great dinner meetup last night with Jim Long of Verge New Media and the news pool covering the US Secretary of Defense, led by Jamie McIntyre, CNN's Senior Pentagon correspondent. It was a table full of really smart, friendly, people who clearly have an extra power gene or two that allows them to have traveled from the east coast and be awake for over 24 hours with no visible decline in function.I enjoyed asking a lot of "why doesn't the mainstream media do this and that?" questions and ...
Keywords: food&leisure; jimlong; vergenewmedia; cnn; msn; jaimemcintyre; blogger; pentagon; beach; hawaii; walk; dog; ocean; pacific
Downloads: 3
[movies]Beach Walk #453 - Summer of One to One
Hooray! It is summer. And all kine cool people are out at the beach, visiting from all over, and joining us here on Beach Walks. Like magic, I kept encountering people in pairs - perfect for illustrating my point today, about changing one of the common phrases we use that I find a little off the mark. What do you think about connotations?Hawaiian Word: Hoʻokahi: one Kau: summerTags: summer, language, travel, lexi, dogs, videoblog, beachwalks, podcast, walk, roxannedarling, roxanne darling, ka...
Keywords: food&leisure; summer; language; beachwalks; roxanne_darling; lexi; roxannedarling; hawaii; travel; beach; ocean
Downloads: 4
[movies]Beach Walk #477 - Duke Kahanamoku Race
Duke is one of the many beloved Hawaiians who's spirit lives on with us and is celebrated every August with numerous water sports, all of which he excelled in. It was a beautiful, windy day, and our seven mile course from Kailua out around Mokolea Rock then back around Flat Island was challenging with 10-15 knot winds and 6-100 foot seas. Several canoes huli's (flipped over) and to their credit, the women righted them quickly and raced on.It was the first time I have ever steered a race, and the...
Keywords: food&leisure; canoe; paddle; race; ocean; outrigger; teamwork; hawaii; roxanne darling
Downloads: 3
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